Experience Japanese traditional clothing: Yukata, Kimono

Yukata, a Japanese traditional clothing in summer. It’s gorgeous and beautiful but difficult to walk. There are a lot of shops for you to rent Yukata and Kimono for a short-term. Especially in Kyoto, a city full of Japanese culture.

The difference is the layers you have to wear. Three for Kimono and two for Yukata. Also, the footwear is different. You need to wear socks with Kimono but Yukata. See the difference? Choose Kimono and get this amazing experience!

Experience in Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto. There is a footpath with a lot of historical buildings and shopping stores. Easily to buy too much… because everything is so cute and so beautiful. KAWAII!!! While walking on the footpath, you will see a lot of girls wearing Yukata and taking pictures. What a memory, isn’t it?

Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto Kiyomizu footpath


Experience Yukata in Kingakuji

As there are so many people experience Yukata around this footpath. We choose another temple, Kingakuji, famous for building with gold. The temple looks very luxury. No doubt, very beautiful.

Kingakuji, Yukata

It is not a bad choice but the footpath is made by stones so it’s quite hard to walk. This is the Yukata that I chose. The experience of choosing Yukata is very confused. There are too many different patterns. I couldn’t decide any then I saw this one. Black and white with flowers. Even my Japanese friend said this is very good and stands out. When I chose the belt, the lady recommended the yellow one and so does my friend. She said yellow and black is very match and stands for high authority in Japanese history. After putting it on, I am very happy with the choice.

There are a lot of shops for you to try it one day or more near the Kiyomizu-dera area. You may see on the magazine or some presses but the cheaper one is near Kiyomizu-dera area. It is a very special experience but just for one day or one time. If there is no iPhone and smartphones, you have to have friends who are not wearing Yukata. Why? Would you wear Yukata and carry your backpack? Big NO NO for me, and you?

LINK TO Kyoto Travel Guide: http://kyoto.travel/en

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