How to make a wonderful travel plan with Google maps

Google maps, a map takes you travel the world even space!

When are you using google maps? When you get lost? While you need to look for an address? Here is a new way to use it!

If you have Google account, log in. If not, sign up a new one. There is a secret function of Google map, called My Google Maps.

Steps for using My Google Maps

  1. Searching “my google maps” in the searching bar.

Search bar of my google maps

2.Click “My Maps – Google”. You have to have Google account with this application.

My google maps on searching engine

3. You will pop up this page and with no maps, click CREATE A NEW MAP and start planning your trip or save the store, the shop, the restaurant that you loved.

Start creating a new map

4. After clicking the CREATE A NEW MAP bottom, you will see this window.


5. Change your title of the map by click Untitled map. Change your title of the layer by click Untitled layer. Even you can import your data of locations by .csv .kml .xlsx .gpx files.


6. Search a place that you want to go or you have been to on search bar.


7. Once the map locates the location, use Add to map to save the location.


8. Also, you can change the mark color by clicking paint icon. By adding the description of pencil icon, upload your photo as a memory with the camera icon, planning a route by the route icon and delete it with the bin icon.


9. Would like to have a different style of maps? Click Base map and change to the one you like!


10. And the last, while you finish your trip. Come back and upload your own memory of the trip.


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