A whole new start

Hi, I am Susie. I am going to start my new blog with traveling. Let me tell you how does it become one of crazy jobs that I am doing right now!

Nowadays, there are more and more freelancers, backpackers, and self-employees. We are in a world that seems we are so close but far. Thanks for the internet, all most you can do everything online.

Communicating with friends, customers, and family, going shopping, search information, etc. There are thousands of things that we can do online. I had a private blog when I was a student but that is the story about my feeling of love. As you know, we all have imagined to be a prince or princess just like in a fairy tale. We would like to date with the handsome and cool boy, man or whoever.


That was in the past. I loved travelling, really do. I have the certificate of  travel guide in Taiwan. Also, I had an internship in a company for six months, why I stopped it? That’s a good question but I am not going to tell you. The nature, it’s the most attractive reason for me to travel a place. I would like to know the history, the background and the culture. Hundred people have hundred reasons for travelling, right?

In this blog, I am going to focus on scheduling, history, culture, nature… Maybe, a bit of food, especially the trips in my lovely country, Taiwan. The heaven of food. Let’s enjoy it!

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